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Perpetrators And Victims.

What is faith?

The concept intrinsic in the word ‘faith’ centers on the concept ‘trust.’ Trust very much like love is a mind-heart emotion or feeling. And just like love, it is much, much more than just an emotion. But I am speaking of the love concept mentioned in the Christian Bible, not the notion of it as perceived by the world.

Firstly, trust involves believing in some personage or entity or process. But as clueless as the world is about the word 'love' as enunciated in the Scripture of Truth, they also are about what is involved when you say you believe in someone. That is why near to the whole of professed Christianity said they believe in JESUS CHRIST and GOD without believing any thing that matters (1 Corinthians 7:19) that HE taught and commanded, including all the things HE testified of and to.

Can you say you believe in someone and yet don’t believe what they communicate to you?

Parable (Biblical terminology for allegory) of a trusting father.

Now a certain man and his spouse needed to go to catch a flight but the cab (i.e. taxi) they had prearranged to send them there did not turn up. It was running very late such that unless they leave immediately they would miss their flight.

Their son who lived a few blocks away called them up, ‘Wait for me Dad. I will be there in a minute to drive you to the airport.’

Then the man said sincerely and proudly to his son, ‘I believe in you, son.’

He then told his spouse, ‘Lets go outside and see if maybe we can catch a passing cab because, I dont think our son will really come to fetch us. You know we just cant take his words literally, who knows what he meant when he said he will come in a minute to drive us to the airport’

And that is exactly how the whole world of professed Christianity believed in JESUS CHRIST. They proclaimed, ‘JESUS CHRIST is the SON of GOD, the Savior of all mankind.’ Then they went and broke the Everlasting Covenant to receive mercy and grace that HE instituted through HIS death, for all mankind who would accept HIM as their SAVIOR by replacing that Everlasting Covenant with Easter.

They (the daughters of the Great Harlot Church) did away with everything HE instructed, taught and commanded by proclaiming, ‘It is by grace we are saved. It is a free gift. (Therefore we don’t have to observe or obey anything JESUS commanded and instructed, to be saved).’ - meaning there is no obligation to keep (that is to obey and to perform) the commandments that JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF testified that HE kept.

They refused to keep the very Covenant through which this grace was given and chose to keep Easter instead. And they still go around proclaiming that the grace would apply to them. This surely is the hallmark of ridiculousness and outright stupidity.

When you signed a purchase agreement to buy a house and you refused to pay the amount agreed for the purchase to the person you bought the house from and instead choose to pay the amount to their neighbor, would you still expect to take delivery of the house? Apparently if you are a disciple or master of the Christmas religion you still believe you will.

JESUS taught,
If you keep My commandments, you will abide in My love, just as I have kept My Father’s commandments and abide in His love.
John 15:10

Let me translate that for these masters and disciples of the Christmas religion and also the leaders in the Church of GOD, and of the Saints today (Revelation 3:17 - 18) who are preaching lies, feeding the flock with ‘contaminated or tainted food’ such as - ‘the love of GOD is unconditional’ and many other lies (Malachi 1:11 - 12, 7) that they are preaching.

JESUS said the condition to abide in HIS love, meaning for HIM to love usyes there is a condition (the if in the statement) contrary to the lies that is been preached that GOD’s love for us is unconditional  – we have to keep HIS commandments. Read the full discussion of this concept in the chapter GOD IS’ of Bible 101 by this author.

In that very same statement JESUS testified that the reason HE stayed in HIS FATHER’s love is because HE kept HIS FATHER’S commandments. The very same commandments that HE, JESUS, commanded and required us to keep (John 5:19).

For there is no partiality with God....
(Romans 2:11, also in Deuteronomy 10:17 and 2 Chronicles 19:7)

Right here JESUS CHRIST testified to that exactly, not by twisting it to say something else as the disciples of the Christmas religion do. The same condition to keep the commandments of GOD, the FATHER, which is required of all mankind applied equally to JESUS CHRIST.

So how do the Christmas religion explain that?

Either they (the daughters churches of the Great Harlot) proclaimed, ‘JESUS CHRIST already kept the commandments on our behalf. HE already paid for all our sins - past, present and future. We therefore are not under the law but grace.’ Meaning to say that all those laws and commandments that JESUS CHRIST and all HIS prophets and Apostle commanded to be kept do not apply to them, the disciples of the Christmas religion. Meaning that they can break all the laws of GOD since they are under grace and that is precisely what they have been doing ever since bringing unending violence and carnage to their society and the human social order. Now doesn’t every wicked and perverse person wishes that were so. Every thief, robber, rapist and murderer. I hope you are not one with these.

Or they (the masters and rules in the Great Harlot Church) claimed that JESUS (or the Virgin Marry or the Bishop of Rome or whoever else) gave them the right and authority to change as and where they see fit, any and all the commandments of GOD and everything else that the Scripture of Truth testified to and commanded to be obeyed and kept. That and also doing meaningless penance of repeating certain chants or phrases to ‘atone’ for sinning (meaning for disobeying them but never for disobeying GOD).

I hope from the above you can see that to trust someone or to believe in someone, you have to believe what they say. If you don’t believe any and everything or even just one of the thing a person said it just means you don’t trust him and don't believe him and don’t believe in him.

If a friend comes to you and say, ‘I started this investment scheme which is guaranteed to pay back three hundred percent in a year on a minimum investment of USD10,000.’ Now if you really and truly believe in this friend, would you invest in his scheme? Of course you would even if you have to borrow money from a bank or anybody at all to do so (Matthew 13:44). Wouldn’t you?

I know that many are those who been greedy for gain, have been swindled by many tricksters through various fraudulent schemes. I hope you, the readers, haven't. But if you have, you really only have yourself to blame for your greed that you would even believe someone who you don’t really know (now I am not referring to those who were cheated by loved ones, relatives or close long time friends). Exactly as all the followers of the Christmas religion trust some men from ancient time with dubious credentials.

In some ways all of us may at one or more times in our lives succumb to the temptations of fast wealth or easy profit. This is a weakness not of one or two persons specifically but of mankind generally. Some may be fortunate in that in their lives they are spared from great needs and greater wants. Nevertheless the Scriptures testified that all have sinned, that is why the grace of GOD is offered to all mankind. It is the sinner who repents who will receive this grace and not the “righteous” who needs no repentance.

By now you (if you are sincerely seeking for truth and are still rational) should be able to see that the bulk of professed “Christianity” don’t really believe in JESUS CHRIST at all.

Who they really believe in is, some religious leaders who told them to celebrate Easter and Christmas and to rest on Sunday (that is why Sunday is a worldwide bank holiday). And to obey their commandments and follow their teachings, their twisted teachings of what they say the Christian Bible is teaching.

Instead of believing the testimony of the Scripture of Truth they have chosen to believe in some questionable councils and synods from hundreds of years ago, convened by some people none of them today know personally. None even bothering to check out the authenticity of their dubious claims to be disciples of JESUS CHRIST. These total strangers who claimed to be servants of JESUS CHRIST.

Now if anyone were to carefully check on whatever information is available about these in both secular records and even the very historical records of the Christmas religion, he or she would find plenty of room for suspicion over their dubious claims. Evidences in their lives’ conduct as well as with their preoccupation (Luke 6:44).

And if you are conversant with the history of Christendom and the Council of Nicaea, you would know (if you have not been deliberating deceiving themselves) that the Council of Nicaea was specifically convened to leverage the power and authority of the pagan Roman Emperor Constantine and the superiority of numbers of cleric supporting the so called Bishop of Rome to outlaw the New Covenant (which was ordained and instituted by JESUS on the night HE was taken and slain) so that the process to murder and wipe out all those who would remain faithful to GOD and LORD JESUS, in all nations under the sway of the Great Harlot Church (Revelation 17:4 – 6) and the Bishop of Rome would be able to commence at a slightly later time. And that was exactly what happened for over one thousand two hundred and sixty years, as was clearly recorded in history and prophesied in the Christian Holy Scriptures.

Ask yourself this question:
‘Why would a religious belief system or religious order/organization use the office of the Emperor of a pagan emperor worshiping empire to convene a religious council to settle differences between different congregations?

Think you know the answer?

Here it is true answer:
To leverage the political power of the Emperor to have their doctrines be given political sanction or endorsement, meaning enforceable sanctions against those that would disagree with, or refuse to obey their doctrines.

Ask yourself another question:
Why would the SON of man, the MESSIAH, MESSENGER and MEDIATOR of the New Covenant who died to institute the New Covenant through which GOD redeemed all humankind from the death penalty caused by their sins, institute the New Covenant in the Passover on one specific day of the Sacred Calendar and command all HIS Apostles and disciples to commemorate the memorial of the same, on the same specific day and in the same exact manner, the commemoration being the very New Covenant made in HIS Blood, then some three hundred years later had a Council that was supposedly of HIS so called faithful obedient followers or disciples, changed it to Easter Sunday so that some hundred years later, such supposedly so called faithful followers (i.e catholic religious entity) could then hunt down, torture and murder all those who would obey, honor and keep the New Covenant, who would refuse to disobey and refuse to break, HIS original commandments to commemorate the Passover as the memorial of HIS death?

Over two billion people in the world today claiming themselves to be Christian believed just that.
1. That JESUS CHRIST died as the LAMB of GOD to institute the New Covenant on the Passover and commanded all HIS Apostles and disciples to commemorate HIS death as the New Covenant on the same day as a memorial.
2. Then some three hundred years later JESUS, as so claimed, would spiritually inspired a group of people headed by the Bishop of Rome, who claimed themselves to be Christian, to convene the Council of Nicaea using the authority of the pagan Roman Emperor Constantine to outlaw the very New Covenant that JESUS died to institute, replacing that Passover Covenant instituted by JESUS with the Easter Covenant of the pagan goddess Ishtar (Eostre, Ostara and several other ancient pagan goddess including the goddess of mercy of the Eastern religions, were the derivative or the spin offs from the original Ishtar) of the Babylonian Mystery Religion. The Babylonian Mystery was originally invented, four generations after Noah and his family exited the Ark, by Nimrod and his wife to get the people to follow after them, making themselves king, god and goddess.
3. All this was done so that some time later (and for over one thousand three hundred years), all those who would continue to commemorate the memorial of JESUS CHRIST's death on the Passover Hebrew calendar date as originally commanded by JESUS (explicitly recorded in the Gospels accounts and the Epistles of the Apostle Paulcould be relentlessly hunted down, persecuted and tortured to force them to stop. And if they won't then they were burned at the stake or killed in some other horrible ways.

And the only reason all these torturing and murdering stopped was because the ones who ordered all these began to lose their political clout to do so, until they lost them completely just between one to two hundred years ago (from 2013 C.E.). And guess who were the ones who ordered the torturing and killing of all those who would continue to commemorate the memorial of JESUS CHRIST's death in the Passover according to HIS explicit and specific instructions? The very ones who (i.e. the same catholic religious organization that) had convened the Council of Nicaea (and numerous other councils after that) to issue the Nicene Creed.

Does this make sense to you that JESUS would institute and command the commemoration of the New Covenant as a memorial of HIS death to all HIS Apostles and disciples, then some three hundred years later have a group of HIS so called followers convened a Council to outlaw HIS commandments and instructions from being obeyed and followed in order that all who would still obey and follow HIS original explicit and specific instructions and commandments could be hunted down then tortured and murdered? Well, it makes perfect sense to some over two billion people who claimed themselves as Christians; and also billions more who though they don't claim themselves to be Christian, believed these over two billion people who claimed themselves to be Christian are actually the true Christians, true to the religious faith recorded in the Christian Bible. Whereas those who would obey what the Christian Holy Scriptures clearly and explicitly recorded of JESUS commanding the commemoration the New Covenant HE died to institute, are considered at best to be deviant, at worse to be heretics. 

Does Anyone Really Know The GOD of the Christian Holy Scriptures

A “rocket scientist" might at this point said, 'Well, does anyone really know the GOD of the Christian Bible, the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob?’ And that would be praiseworthy coming from a “rocket scientist.” Because that is exactly my point. That I do know the CREATOR, GOD and is known by HIM. The work I do testify that I do know HIM (John 10:25, 37; 1 John 2:3 - 4) and HIS SON JESUS CHRIST.

Exactly as the work of the followers of the Christmas religion testifies that they don’t (Titus 1:16; 1 John 2:4), otherwise they won’t be doing the work they are doing. Twisting HIS words to their agenda and expediencies. Teaching the doing away (Mark 7:8) of HIS commandments and doing away with the need to obey HIM, commanding the breaking of the Everlasting Covenant that GOD had ordained through the death of HIS SON to pay the penalty of man's sin.  The very covenant that freed man from bondage to sin to receive mercy and everlasting life (John 17:3) in HIS SON JESUS CHRIST. The very covenant (a binding agreement) through which mankind can gain access to the Grace of GOD, they and their mother church (Revelation 17:5) throughout the hidden centuries (Revelation 2:9 - 10, 13; Revelation 12:6) orchestrated to replace with the covenant their founder and master made with the Devil (Revelation 2:9 - 10, 13, 20, 24). Today the true nature of that covenant is revealed in its very name - Easter (Revelation 2:14, 20).

They preached of grace but through their very act of breaking the Covenant voided that very grace by not commemorating the Passover. Instead orchestrating an evil deception in Easter, Yet their followers and supporters do not understand. I hope you, the reader, understand.

How is the Christmas religion able to dupe near to all professing Christians into their lies and twisted teachings?

By saying that you can’t take the records of the Scripture of Truth literally or some other reasons, but you should believe what they teach you instead. By implication what they are saying to you is that you are not intelligent enough to understand the plain words of the Bible and only they are smart enough to. Exactly as the religious authorities and experts of JESUS CHRIST's lifetime as a SON of man did (John 7:49).

Though it is true that like all subjects, the message of the Bible comprises some difficult passages and there are also the not so easy passages, the bulk of the Bible message are not at all hard to understand. You can read all about this in all my blogs and also in my book Bible 101.

But the twisting of the very simple and plain statement to say something else all together, that is what is so evil about the message of the Christmas religion. It is a message engineered to deny mankind access to the grace that the SON of GOD, JESUS CHRIST came down to earth born as man to die on our behalf to make available. The very Grace that is offered through the instituted New Covenant in JESUS CHRIST blood, blood HE shed as HE died hung on the cross to pay the penalty for all of our sins.

Because we all have sinned and fallen short of the glory and the plans that GOD has for us as members of HIS HOLY FAMILY.

Then Jesus said to them, “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless you eat the flesh (Luke 22:19; 1 Corinthians 11:24) of the Son of Man and drink His blood (Luke 22:20; 1 Corinthians 11:25), you have no life in you. Whoever eats My flesh and drinks My blood has eternal life, and I will raise him up at the last day.
John 6:54 - 54

This was referring to the New Covenant HE would institute with the new symbols of bread and wine, before HE suffered (1 Corinthians 11:23).

JESUS CHRIST is telling his audience that unless they keep the New Covenant in the Passover which HE would later institute with HIS twelve Apostles, they would have no access to Eternal Life.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not asking you to just believe me, but to believe the Scripture of Truth which had been translated into the Christian Bible of today. That is why I write so that you will not be deceived. You can judge for yourself if what I am saying is true or not. The Christian Bible is easily available in many versions and translated into many languages. Further with the internet now available to a large percentage of the world's population, numerous online study resources are easily accessible for your perusal.


Communication is a skill that almost all mankind have mastered. It is something most of us do day in and day out. If we cannot understand those we live and deal with daily, then we wouldn’t be normal. Sometimes someone may broach a difficult to understand philosophy and we need to use our mental faculty more to understand.

Some things are simple and straight forward and a sentence or even a word can convey it. Others we need to get all the facts together, collating all the information available first before we can fully understand. And that is the same way with the message of the Christian Bible.

GOD speaks to us using words literally and figuratively with hyperbole, allegories, symbolism, posturing and all the nuances of language current to the people and culture of that time, so that they could understand HIM. HE speaks to us on our level. HE has always chosen the common people, hardly ever the college professors, educational experts or religious authorities, to bring HIS message to us. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand the bulk of the message of the Bible. If you will believe the GOD of the Christian Bible and will have the faith to obey HIM (not the faith of the disciples of the Christmas religion), you too will understand the message of the Bible just as I have.

The World of Bad Faith

In my first article on this topic of Bad Faith I have shown how this world of ours today, came about through bad faith from the very beginning.

From the above we saw how this current global religious system that the world recognized as “Christian” came about through this same bad faith. That it is not really the Christian religion testified to by the Christian Bible but a counterfeit religion started by Antichrists.

So today we see a world built on bad faith and a religion which is supposed to be based on faith in the CREATOR GOD, is really also built on this same bad faith. Having no faith in the GOD they claimed as their GOD at all. Because as I have demonstrated and very simply and clearly proven, they don’t really believe in HIM at all, but in someone else altogether.

Exactly as Adam and Eve did not trust and believe in the ONE who brought them into existence and provided them with all things good, forbidding them what is harmful. Adam and Eve chose to believe a strange talking serpent.

And these disciples of the Christmas religion chose to believe some dubious characters from history rather than the very GOD and the SON HE sent to redeem them from their bondage to sin. HIS Words have been preserved to testify to all these that I am expounding here.

A Vicious Cycle of Bad Faith.

Like all evils, bad faith produces a vicious spiral. Bad faith affects the victims as well as the perpetrator. A person at the receiving end who has been shortchanged or has been lied to or in some ways affected by someone acting in bad faith will over time and repeated experience no longer be able to trust others. But that is not all.

The victim will also depending on the extent of the hurt, loss or injuries from the experience through anger turning into bitterness will begin to act in bad faith in his or her dealings with others too.

The perpetrators of bad faith themselves too will find that they cannot really trust anyone anymore. Being perpetrators of evil they will also always be wary of others doing the same to them, rendering them unable to completely trust anyone.

Whenever they interact with others they will always be suspicious of the other parties’ good intentions rendering them unable to attain to the love-trust relationship GOD wants all mankind to have for one another and for HIM. That is the reason HE gave the ancient Israelite the Ten Commandments and commanded them to be careful to obey them (Deuteronomy 5:32).

And HE commanded us the same today (John 15:10; Matthew 28:19-20;1 John 5:3; 2 John 1:6; Revelation 12:17;  Revelation 14:12) if only the world would not be duped by the Christmas religion (Revelation 17:5) and her lies (Revelation 19:2).

The antediluvian world proved that a very simple act of disobedient through bad faith would soon spiral into a world filled with evil and wickedness.

Our current world order testified to the same if you will not delude yourself and face up to the realities of our world today.

NEXT In Bad Faith Part III - Love Thy Neighbour.

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